Testimonials: Patient and colleague testimonials

Revalidation is the process by which licensed doctors demonstrate that they are uptodate and fit to practice medicine. All doctors need to revalidate with the General Medical Council every 5 years, and as part of this, patients and colleagues give honest anonymous feedback. Dr Webb revalidated in 2019 and examples of her feedback are shown below.  

Patient Feedback

Patients ranked Dr Webb in the highest category for being polite, making patients feel at ease, listening, assessing their medical condition, involving patients in decisions about their health and arranging appropriate treatments. Examples of individual patients’ comments are below:

“Extremely positive experience, attentive, made me feel at ease and informative”

Very confident, gave clear, precise analysis of my condition, satisfied my concerns and worries and described in detail what she felt my best options were. I was very impressed with her professionalism.

Felt at ease with Dr Webb asked questions + not felt rushed.”

“I always find her very lovely. Always answers my questions with honesty. “

“Dr Jessica is the best doctor I have ever seen. Very calm and gentle full of knowledge and wisdom. Thank you Dr Jessica for treating me and for taking time to listen and to support me. Forever grateful.”

Colleague Feedback

Colleagues ranked Dr Webb in the highest category for clinical knowledge, diagnosis, clinical decision making, treatment, medical record keeping, recognising and working within limitations, keeping knowledge UpToDate, reviewing and reflecting on my own performance, teaching, supervising colleagues, commitment to care and wellbeing of patients, working effectively with colleagues, effective time management, respecting patient confidentiality and being honest and trustworthy. Examples of individual colleagues’ comments are below:

“Diligent and hardworking. A much-valued colleague. Always puts patients first. Highly regarded by patients and staff alike.”

Dr Webb is a very dedicated, hard-working and highly skilled cardiologist with special expertise in management of heart failure, imaging and inherited cardiac conditions. She has an immensely compassionate approach to her patients and always strives to deliver the highest standards of care. She manages an ever-increasing workload across different sites very efficiently and effectively. She is a very good colleague and pleasure to work alongside.”

“Jessica is an extremely committed, passionate and compassionate clinician, often going above and beyond to ensure that her patients are cared for and that they and their carers’ are listened to and understand their condition/management. Jessica is also very committed to working to improve the system of health care by taking on lead roles in transformation initiatives and working groups. She is considered, listens well to colleagues, works collaboratively and takes on board other people’s views. She is proactive and carries through with actions that she has agreed to take forward. It is a pleasure to work with Jessica.”